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Test Your Energy in Tampa with the BioWell Scan

It seems like every day, we hear someone say, “I feel so stressed.” Maybe that describes you, too.

But what if there was a way to quantify this stress? A way to see if the body’s energy flow is impacted by worry or underlying health issues? At Spectra Wellness Solutions in Tampa, we offer the BioWell Scan. This is an advanced device that can map out your stress and energy levels using electrical fields.

Think about it.

The entire nervous system is controlled by electrical currents triggered by the brain. It then makes sense that health practitioners should be able to track and image these currents. 

By mapping your energy using the BioWell Scan, our team is able to pinpoint health issues. What is causing energy blockages? What organs are functioning suboptimally? How can we track stress reduction techniques over time? 

We can answer all these questions and more with the BioWell Scan.

How Does the BioWell Scan Work?

Using the powerful technology of Electro-Photonic Imaging (EPI) (also known as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)), BioWell illustrates the state of a person’s stress and energy level. When a scan is taken, high-intensity electrical fields stimulate the emission of photons and electrons from human skin, which create gas discharge photographed by a video camera.

BioWell utilizes a weak, completely painless electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The object’s response to this stimulus is the formation of an electronic emission. The electrons emission stimulates gas discharge (glow) that is captured by the video camera and then translated and transmitted back in graphical representations for further analysis.

Functional Medicine + BioWell Scan is a Powerful Combination

The BioWell Scan allows the Spectra team to see where you fall along the health continuum. We will scan you before and after adjusting your wellness plan, and ideally, your energy readings will come back better after you implement our recommendations.

It’s an incredible tool for addressing the emotion/body connection. Most of us hold emotional trauma in our bodies to some degree. Perhaps your shoulders are tense, or your gut doesn’t function as it should. But, if we can discover where the body is holding stress, then we can recommend interventions to help. 

Eating well, exercising, relaxing, and taking advantage of our Lit Labs can improve your body’s energy and stress response.

Can I Use the BioWell Scan at Home?

Yes, you can choose to purchase a BioWell Scan for yourself. Monitor your energy state and stress levels throughout time in order to track your responses to physical and mental exercises, response to weather changes, and other stimuli.

Since the BioWell Scan is a pricy piece of equipment, many people opt to visit Spectra Wellness Solutions in Tampa for their energy scan needs.

Does the BioWell Scan Hurt?

The BioWell Scan is a painless and non-invasive procedure that causes absolutely no discomfort. It simply entails the administration of a gentle, barely perceptible current to the fingertip. This mild electrical current is used to capture data related to the energy field of the individual, offering valuable insights into their overall well-being. Participants can rest assured that the BioWell Scan is a completely pain-free experience, making it an accessible and convenient tool for assessing one’s health and vitality.

How Much Does the BioWell Scan Cost?

To access the BioWell Scan at Spectra Wellness Solutions, you can either purchase a la carte or get it bundled with a membership. A la carte prices are $30 per scan.

Each member will receive quarterly scans to help track your progress over time. Our base memberships begin at $2977/yr while our Executive tier begins at $5997/yr. Both options include the Biowell Sca, as well as a number of incredible biohacking options.

Ready to get started? Let’s see how your energy levels are doing. Click this link to schedule your BioWell Scan in Tampa.

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