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Understanding Epigenetics and Advanced Epigenetic Testing

Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression that are influenced by environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and more. Our advanced epigenetic testing at Spectra Wellness Solutions goes beyond traditional genetic testing by analyzing how genes are being expressed, providing valuable insights into your unique health profile.

By examining these epigenetic markers, we can offer personalized health recommendations tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. So, if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of your health beyond what traditional genetic testing offers, epigenetic testing might be the answer you’re seeking.

Discover Your Genetic Blueprint and Speed of Aging for Personalized Wellness with TruDiagnostic

The TruAge COMPLETE, at-home epigenetic test tells you how old you really are from a biological standpoint, and analyzes how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level. Of our two testing options, TruAge COMPLETE offers the most comprehensive and in-depth look at various, biological elements of aging.

TruAge COMPLETE is the go-to kit for anti-aging enthusiasts who want a comprehensive look at their baseline aging metrics, as well as in-depth analysis of specific, age-related biomarkers.

Benefits of Epigenetic Testing With TruDiagnostic

Discover Your Biological Age

We measure baseline and changes to your pace of aging, giving you the power to steer your anti-aging or health and wellness journey in the right direction.

Personalized Health Insights:

Ever wondered how your genes interact with your environment and lifestyle? Epigenetic testing uncovers this intricate connection, providing you with personalized insights that go beyond traditional genetic testing.

Precision Medicine Opportunities:

Epigenetic testing opens the door to precision medicine opportunities, allowing us to tailor healthcare strategies specifically to your genetic profile.

Disease Risk Assessment:

Epigenetic testing allows us to identify potential health risks early on, long before symptoms may appear.

Many Test Panels Available

TruDiagnostic offers a range of test panels designed to address various aspects of health and wellness.

TruAge COMPLETE answers the following age-related questions: 

    •    My birthday makes me _ years old, but how old is my body, biologically? (My OMICm Age)
    •    What is my age-related risk of developing various diseases?
    •    What is my age-related risk of death?
    •    Strictly looking at performance biomarkers, how old am I from a physical fitness standpoint?
    •    I have _ concentrations of various immune cells. How are those levels impacting my biological age?
    •    For each calendar year that passes, how many years is my body actually aging?
    •    How long are my telomeres?
    •    How does my relationship with alcohol consumption impact my DNA expression and aging processes?
    •    According to my DNA expression, am I likely to lose weight from restricting my caloric intake?
    •    How has my lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke impacted my DNA expression and aging processes?
    •    What can I do to improve my age-related, biological metrics?

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What is the Galleri test?

Galleri sets a new standard for cancer detection. While only five cancers have recommended screening tests, Galleri expands the possibilities by detecting signals shared by multiple cancers that might otherwise go undetected.

With just a single blood test, Galleri screens for these signals, increasing the likelihood of finding cancer early for prompt treatment. If a cancer signal is detected, Galleri goes further, accurately predicting the tissue type or organ associated with the signal with an impressive 88% accuracy*. This invaluable insight guides follow-up diagnostic testing, which may include additional lab work or imaging, ensuring comprehensive care and early intervention.

The Galleri test can be a lifeline in identifying potential cancer signals before symptoms may manifest.

This groundbreaking test offers unparalleled early detection capabilities, screening for over 50 types of cancer with just a simple blood draw. With early detection being key to successful treatment outcomes, the Galleri test can be a lifeline in identifying potential cancer signals before symptoms may manifest. It’s important to note that the Galleri test can be ordered by prescription only, ensuring that it is administered under the guidance of healthcare professionals. By scheduling your test with us, you’re not only taking a proactive step towards early detection but also towards healing if needed. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take charge of your health today and schedule your Galleri Blood Test with Spectra Wellness Solutions. Your future self will thank you.

How does The Process Work For Both of these tests?

In some cases, Dr. Koche may recommend one of these tests during your visit. These are, however, preventative tools for your health, so if you’re interested in either simply let Dr. Koche know during your appointment and she’ll be happy to assist. 

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Koche Today

Both existing and new patients may call our office for appointment scheduling. If it’s after office hours or you prefer to schedule online, please do so through our existing patient portal or our new patient inquiry form. 

TruDiagnostic FAQ’s

TruAge is the name of a test developed by TruDiagnostic that measures your current Biological Age, along with a suite of other metrics like your pace of aging, telomere length, the age of your immune system, and more.

We use epigenetic methylation markers and the latest generation of aging algorithms currently available in the scientific community.

When you purchase a TruAge test kit, you will receive a box complete with all tools needed to collect a blood sample at home.

Due to the high precision of the DunedinPACE algorithm, which is sensitive to small lifestyle and medical changes, you can retest frequently and see changes to your pace of aging. 

By tracking increases or decreases to your pace, in response to lifestyle, medical, or environmental changes, you can figure out what interventions work best with your unique, biological makeup.

We recommend waiting three months between tests, however, changes can be reflected in as little as six weeks for some. 

Find more info here.

The main difference between the two tests, TruAge COMPLETE and TruAge PACE, rests in how much data is analyzed and returned to you. We always recommend the TruAge COMPLETE first, to provide the most comprehensive information. From there, you can opt for the TruAge PACE to monitor how your treatment protocol is working.

TruAge Complete $499, $399 for members

TruAge Dunedin Pace $229

Biological Age is an easy way to estimate your risk factor for most age-related diseases and disorders. It also lets you track the effects of anti-aging interventions in real time. The TruAge COMPLETE test kit additionally offers insights into your immune system’s rate of aging, and even specific gene methylation.

There are a lot of factors that affect Biological Age.

Some of it is hereditary – passed on from parents. Some of it is the hard-coded aging process in all mammals.

A lot of it is due to environmental pressures and personal choices that you experienced throughout your lifetime.

Biological Age algorithms to date have only been validated in blood.

The best way for us to obtain sufficient quantities of DNA for our analysis is through a blood sample. While we know that saliva or urine is easier to collect, those methods don’t have the scientific background supporting their use in accurate Biological Age testing. (At least, not at the level of accuracy and precision our laboratory demands.)

As a result, we don’t compromise results for easy collection. With our test, we can guarantee accurate and useful results. 

TruAge is not intended to diagnose any disease.

The test is not meant to tell you anything about your current state of medical health, or to be used to make medical decisions, including whether or not you should take a medication, how much of a medication you should take, or determine any treatment.

Just like a cholesterol test cannot diagnose you with heart disease, an epigenetic test cannot diagnose you with anything either. 

The test is designed  to provide users with their epigenetic information to inform lifestyle decisions and conversations with their doctor or other healthcare professional.

It depends on the person – some people have better blood flow in their fingertips than others.

From start to finish, taking a sample usually only takes about 5-10 minutes. Doing things like some quick jumping jacks beforehand, or massaging your finger to assist blood flow can speed up the process.

Galleri FAQ’s

The Galleri test is a multi-cancer early detection test that screens for a signal shared by more than 50 types of cancer, many that lack recommended screening through a simple blood test. Galleri is a screening test and does not diagnose cancer and not all cancers may be detected in the blood. Diagnostic testing is needed to confirm cancer.


Watch a short video to learn more

The Galleri test is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk for cancer, such as those aged 50 or older.

The Galleri test is intended to be used in addition to, and not replace, other cancer screening tests your healthcare provider recommends.

Use of Galleri is not recommended in individuals who are pregnant, 21 years old or younger, or undergoing active cancer treatment.

Every time you take the test, Galleri checks more than 100,000 DNA regions and over a million specific DNA sites to screen for a signal shared by multiple cancers. If a cancer signal is detected, results from the test predict the tissue type or organ associated with the cancer signal to help your healthcare provider determine next steps.

Watch a short video to learn more

Cancer risk increases for everyone as they age regardless of family history—only 5% to 10% of cancers are inherited.

Age is the biggest risk factor for cancer. In fact, adults over age 50 are 13 times more likely to have cancer compared to people under the age of 50. Talk to your provider about your risk for cancer, and whether the Galleri test is right for you.

In a clinical study, Galleri detected a signal shared by over 50 types of cancer —including some fast-spreading and aggressive cancers responsible for approximately two-thirds of cancer deaths. Galleri is a cancer screening test, meaning it looks for cancer before symptoms appear. The Galleri test does not detect a signal for all cancers and not all cancers can be detected in the blood.

Based on clinical study data, the test’s sensitivity varies across different cancers (and stages). You can find sensitivity information for 24 cancer classes at: https://www.galleri.com/hcp/galleri-test-performance

A “Cancer Signal Detected” result is expected in approximately 1% or 1 out of 100 Galleri tests in people over 50 years of age.

In a recent clinical study, on average, 4 out of 10 people with a “Cancer Signal Detected” result received a cancer diagnosis with diagnostic testing, and 1 out of 200 people without cancer received a “Cancer Signal Detected” result.

(Positive Predictive Value was 43% and False Positive rate was 0.5%)

No, the Galleri test is not a genetic risk assessment. A genetic risk assessment is a one time only measurement and assesses your future risk of developing cancer. The Galleri test looks for a signal associated with active cancer at the time of your blood draw. Genetic tests may look at DNA and assess lifelong risk for cancer but cannot detect if a person currently has cancer.

Our goal is for Galleri to be a annual cancer screening test. By regularly using the Galleri test alongside recommended cancer screenings, you can increase your chance of finding cancer early.

Galleri Early Cancer Screen Test – $949

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