Led by Lisa Saff Koche, MD., Spectra Wellness Solutions is a cutting edge practice dedicated to utilizing the best of both traditional and integrative medicine to allow patients to achieve optimal health and well being. Our team of providers utilize different modalities to come up with accurate and individualized diagnoses and treatment plans.

We are proud to offer a full spectrum of providers and services to meet our patients’ needs including:

  • Primary Care
  • Integrative/holistic medicine
  • Supplement and herbal recommendations as well as traditional medications
  • Applied kinesiology
  • Biohacking/optimal performance programs
  • Ketogenic and other weight loss programs
  • IV/Myers cocktails
  • Upper cervical chiropractic care
  • Network spinal energy medicine
  • Cosmetic and skin care
  • Hormone replacement therapies
  • Stem cell therapies

Our team of practitioners work together to provide a patient-centered healing space. The combination of traditional and alternative options makes Spectra Wellness Solutions a standout and lays the path to true health.

Please watch the video above for an overview of the new patient experience at Spectra Wellness Solutions

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