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IV nutrition therapy

Why Choose IV Nutrition Therapy

Why Choose IV Nutrition Therapy IV nutrition therapy has become immensely popular in recent years as more people discover its benefits to their overall health. Want to feel vibrant, full of energy, and youthful again? Here are the benefits of IV nutrition therapy and what you can expect.   What is IV Nutrition Therapy? Simply

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Chiropractor and patient, chiropractic care in tampa

5 Things To Look For In Chiropractic Care In Tampa, FL

Top 5 Things To Look For From Chiropractic Care In Tampa If you live in southern Florida and are looking for a non-invasive and customizable health treatment that doesn’t default to pharmaceuticals, chiropractic care in Tampa might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a medical practice that integrates seamlessly with functional medicine and root-cause

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New year habits for 2023

New Years Habits For 2023 & Beyond: Tips For Your Most Vital You

New Year Habits For 2023 Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”    At Spectra Wellness, we love this quote for a few distinct reasons. While welcoming 2023, we wondered why so many resolutions don’t stick, and Aristotle’s quote came to mind. We started

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Friendly functional medicine doctor

How Your Functional Medicine Doctor Helps You Heal From The Inside Out

How Your Functional Medicine Doctor Helps Healing From The Inside Out Have you gone to a doctor’s office for answers about a health issue only to leave with more questions than when you arrived?  Do you ever feel like healthcare sees you as a statistic, not a unique individual with specific needs? Are you frustrated

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Functional medicine doctor near me in Tampa.

5 Things To Search For In A Functional Medicine Doctor Near You

5 Things To Search For In A Functional Medicine Doctor Near You Does this sound familiar? You’re ready for a healthcare experience that gives you answers instead of leaving you with more questions.  You crave root-cause solutions that relieve your health conditions instead of treating outlying symptoms.  You want health solutions outside of pharmaceuticals and

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Functional medicine during the holidays

5 Ways Functional Medicine Reduces Holiday Stress

5 Ways Functional Medicine Reduces Holiday Stress  Even though it’s the most wonderful time of the year, you may find that you’re one of the many people who report feeling overwhelmed during the holidays. If you’re hosting, there’s plenty to prepare to make the holidays magical for friends and family. If you’re traveling, the hassle

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The Future of Health and Wellness is Here: What You Need to Know About Biohacking

What is BioHacking? Biohacking is the practice of using science, technology, and self-experimentation to optimize health and performance. This can include anything from tracking and optimizing diet and exercise habits, taking supplements, to using technology like wearable devices and genetic testing to monitor and improve various aspects of physical and mental health. While some biohackers

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Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Tampa

How to Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Tampa

How to Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Tampa There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get proper answers and treatment from your primary care provider.    Maybe you’ve sought out your doctor for lingering brain fog that no amount of caffeine can curb. Or you’re dealing with a chronic condition that no one

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The Gut/Brain Connection

What is the connection between the gut and brain? We are born with a very intricate map of perfectly balanced amounts of bacteria, yeast and parasites that control our immune system, brain and gut function. Over time, different factors influence this which then alters the relationship between our immune system and the environment around us.

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What is Leaky Gut?

Intestinal permeability (or leaky gut syndrome) occurs when the tight junctions (which regulates what comes in and goes out of the intestinal wall) between the cells of your intestinal lining become compromised. This can be a result of chronic stress, allergies to certain foods or environment, gut infections and drug or antibiotic use. Leaky gut

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discomfort from Candida Symptoms

Candida Factors: What leads to Candida Overgrowth

Candida (also known as yeast, fungus, mold) is ubiquitous in our environment (especially in warm and moist climates like where I am!). It is often found in homes hidden away in air conditioner ducts or behind appliances/furniture and can wreak havoc on your health. We are all supposed to have some fungi on our skin,

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