Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Natalia Levey
“Dr. Koche is a true healer. She incorporates modern science and medical information with alternative therapies and authentic compassion when it comes to treating her patients. Her unique approach allows for her patients to reach optimum health. She actually LISTENS to her patients and gets to the cause of their problems. She has changed my life in countless ways – to the point of me becoming a certified health & nutrition coach so I can keep spreading the waves of happiness in the world.”
— Natalia Levey, Tampa
“Lisa is an incredibly talented physician, and I have complete trust referring my clients to her.”
— Elena Bensonoff
“(Dr. Koche’s) ketogenic eating plan has been life changing for me. I started the program with body inflammation, brain fog, thyroid issues and hormone issues and it’s amazing how adding healthy fats and eating this way really helps heal your body in reverse. Dr. Koche and Jaclyn and the entire staff have been wonderful! You couldn’t be in better hands!”
— Heather Radke
“Before starting the Koche Approach, I had a cough for almost 20 years, had low energy, was over weight and hardly slept more than a few hours each night. Upon finishing the Koche Approach, my cough is gone, my energy levels are at an all time high, and sleep at least eight hours a night, and lost almost 30 pounds. The Koche Approach is a way of life for me now.”
— George

“Jim and I started the ‘Koche Approach’ program the end of September 2015. Before starting the program I had all kinds of health issues, eczema, asthma, allergies and issues with my weight. Six months before starting the program, when I met Jaclyn, I had a terrible outbreak of eczema (I have had this condition since birth); She in turn referred me to Dr. George Springer, holistic doctor for Spectra Wellness Solutions.

After going thru Dr. Springer’s detox program and allergy identification and treatment from Susan, I was experiencing great relief. No more daily inhaler for asthma, my asthma was gone! My eczema was greatly improved.

After seeing my improvement, my husband Jim was sold on Spectra Wellness Solutions and started seeing Jaclyn and Dr. Springer. We both knew we wanted a better plan for LIFE! We want to enjoy many, many more years together happy and healthy and living a vibrant life. We both felt like we needed to lose weight and not just ‘do a diet’, we were looking for a plan we could follow to improve our lives ‘forever’. With the ‘Koche Approach’, I noticed after the first three days I started feeling pretty good, no cravings for chips or sweets (chocolate). I never connected that eating ‘junk food’ affected my health. I felt more ‘balanced’ , no jitters, no highs, or lows. I didn’t even get headaches from not drinking caffeine. My weight started dropping which made me really happy (as did Jim’s)! The shakes are great and I enjoyed trying out the recipes that were provided and searching out other recipes. We really liked the pancakes and bacon!

At first we had a difficult time getting enough fat, but adding the MCT oil works out great! We also started noticing that we had an increase in energy, and also, no brain fog. When we started adding back coffee and dairy we could tell what foods we were more sensitive to. It seems we are “more in touch” with our bodies and how different foods make us feel. I haven’t gone back to regular coffee but organic decaf works fine. So far I have lost 21 pounds, (and still losing!) We both feel better, healthier than we ever have, and have added exercise three times a week.

The ‘Koche Approach’, is our life plan now, we are so thankful for Dr. Koche, Jaclyn, and all the fantastic Staff at Spectra Wellness Solutions! You all are wonderful, we love you!!!”

— Jim & Doris, Tampa
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