Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements

Most people don’t realize that there are major differences when it comes to the levels of nutraceuticals or supplements that they can purchase. When you buy supplements online or at a chain pharmacy, there really may be an issue with what you’re getting compared to the benefits of the pharmaceutical grade nutrients we use here in our clinic every single day.

In today’s video, Dr. Lisa is going to discuss:

  • The importance of pharmaceutical grade supplements.
  • Why we recommend the pharmaceutical grade supplements we have here at Spectra Wellness.

We take it a step further at Spectra Wellness and use a variety of pharmaceutical grade supplement companies so that we get the absolute best vitamin for our patients. We may even have a brand variety of the same type of supplement so that, for example, we have the best COQ10 or the best adrenal support for that individual patient since no two patients are made the same.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the wonders of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and how they can start making you feel better today!

Watch the video below to know more!

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