Dr. Lisa talks about Muscle Testing

“Day to day I see patients with numerous complaints who have been to multiple doctors without answers. The same thing happened to me. I had been sick, exhausted lab tests after lab tests, physician after physician, and did not feel any better. That’s when I got introduced to a technique called muscle testing.” — Dr. Lisa

In this video, Dr. Lisa is going to talk to you about:

  • What muscle testing is and how effective it is.
  • How you can easily try muscle testing at home.
  • The story of her first muscle testing experience fifteen years ago.

Muscle testing is very dependent on the practitioner. The more advanced and experienced the healer is, the more accurate the testing will be.

Thought patterns are a form of energy, and it can decrease the accuracy in the testing so please come in with an open mind. Give muscle testing a try at home, today!

To know more, please watch the video below!

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