Mental and Spiritual

We provide a broad and new approach to healing and treating depression and anxiety by trying to get to the root cause instead of always first prescribing medications. Many people do need prescription meds if the symptoms are severe enough and we are able to prescribe medication to stabilize your mood if needed in the short term while we work on curing the multiple potential causes. We will try to find the triggers that led to your symptoms and refer for cutting edge treatments like ART (see description below). We will work on healing your gut as the gut is responsible for over 90% of your serotonin production! Additionally we can help you identify foods that you may be reacting to (most commonly gluten and/or dairy) which can commonly act as a trigger for anxiety, insomnia and mood swings. We have a full spectrum of nutrient, homeopathic, and herbal support to help with mood management without causing some of the dangerous side effects that can be seen with prescription medication.

We have a psychologist on staff providing therapy utilizing methods such as talk therapy, ART, and other cutting edge modalities.

We also address the mind/body and spiritual connection in regards to total body health and vibrance. We will work on teaching you how to become more empowered and in control of your life. Basic techniques such as meditation, grounding, and specific journaling are taught in a stress-free way that will be easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. By working on living in the present and practicing gratitude and positivity we will help you shift your perception and regain your power. We have a multitude of healers and resources to help on every step of your journey including the best possible first step into energy healing, the Life Force machine.

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