How affirmations work—seems like since we are all energetic beings we work like magnets and the law of attraction…what we put out is typically what we get back and some of these thoughts are being confirmed by science. If thoughts are just another form of energy then we are getting physical symptoms from our negative thoughts. Affirmations help to replace the negative thoughts with a positive statement. They are a great tool for everyday life where the negativity seems to sneak in. we can replace a thought like “I will never get everything done. I am so sick and tired.” With one like this “I am happy, I am healthy, I am strong. I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Affirmations recommended:

I am a healthy weight. I love my job. I am in a loving relationship. I am financially stable. I am strong. I am healed. I am happy.

Make sure to understand that these statements should never be “I am not afraid” or any other I am not statement. You must only use the positive form of the word or emotion.

Real Patient stories:

“My world literally started to change the day that I decided to stop thinking or acting negatively. I started replacing my thoughts with positive affirmations. Before I knew it they were actually coming true! I began realizing that I was in an unhealthy relationship and finally had the strength to move on. I have enjoyed my time getting to know myself again. I also had to let go of many of my so called friends. It seems they were really involved in making me feel tired. The new people I meet now are happy, fun and interesting. More synchronicities occur as well.”

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