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A True Path To Vitality: Functional Primary Care

Are you searching for a primary healthcare provider that puts you first and tailors healthcare strategies to your unique needs? If so, considering functional primary care might be a good option for you. 


Functional medicine offers the keys to patient-empowered vitality so you can thrive and relish all that life has to offer.  

You might be wondering: if functional primary care offers the keys to the best kind of health care, then why isn’t it more popular? 

The answer is simple: many people don’t know that it exists, how it works, and why it’s better for them than conventional care. What’s more, it can feel uncomfortable to deviate from “what’s normal,” in this case, conventional medicine.

However, we propose that what’s become normal for health standards in the U.S. is exactly why you should consider functional primary care as your go-to health strategy. 

Here are a few examples of what’s become normal standards for health in the U.S.:

If these highlights are showing what’s ‘normal,’  our question is: wouldn’t you want something out of the norm? If you’ve been searching for better healthcare and are ready to reconsider the conventional healthcare system, you might be ready to switch to functional primary care. 

How The Traditional Healthcare System Is Broken—And Why Functional Medicine Is Different

Because the traditional healthcare system is so deeply ingrained into society, it’s important to take a deeper look at how it is failing its customers. And yes, we mean customers, not patients. The traditional healthcare system comprises thousands of doctors, nurses, and other professionals who primarily enter the industry because they want to help people live better lives. 

However, once they’re part of the system, they’re confronted with an unpleasant reality: their loyalty is coerced to align with insurance and pharmaceutical companies resulting in a crisis of well-being for many healthcare providers.

Beholden To Insurance Companies

In 2022, United Healthcare’s earnings surged to $17.7 billion, while shareholders received more than $5 billion in dividends. This happens while families report higher-than-ever health costs, with no break in sight. 

Consider the following example:

Patients start asking for their full panel of bloodwork to be done during their annual visits, so they have crucial data about their health. The insurance companies know reimbursing patients will cut their earnings and upset the shareholders. They make it near impossible for doctors to put in the request in a way that gets them reimbursed—and eventually, the doctor will give up and discourage a patient from asking for their full panel. This serves the stakeholders and not the patients.

Additionally, if you’re wondering why you get about five minutes with your doctor during your visits, it’s because they’re under pressure to see as many patients as possible. Why? Because the more patients they see, the more money is made.

The Functional Primary Care Difference: Insurance

Many functional primary care doctors work with insurance carriers. However, we are not ingrained in the traditional system and can focus on delivering root-cause wellness strategies to our patients. This means you might encounter more out-of-pocket expenses upfront, but save in the long-term thanks to better health.

In Bed With Big Pharma

Two countries in the entire world allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise: New Zealand and the United States.

As functional medicine doctors, we’re the first to celebrate the miraculous capabilities of modern medicine. However, if as much money were spent to educate the public about the importance of nutrition and root-cause healing as it was on pharmaceutical ads, the landscape of health would look very different. In 2019, drug ad spending approached $19 billion. 

With that in mind, some interesting pharmaceutical facts in the United States include the following:

  • 66% of Americans are on some type of pharmaceutical
  • The U.S. consumed approximately 30% of the world’s supply of opioids in 2015
  • Almost 50,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2019, and it is believed those numbers have surged since 2020

The Functional Primary Care Difference: Pharmaceutical Drugs

Pharmaceuticals have their time and place, but doctors in the traditional medical system are bombarded by high-pressure representatives from drug companies convincing doctors that their drugs are the solution to many issues. 

Functional primary care providers turn over every stone to identify the root cause of your health issues while educating you about preventive health strategies so you can enjoy a life full of vitality and wellness—without having to use big pharma as a crutch.

A Health Crisis Of Doctors

Doctors and nurses generally enter the medical field hoping to help patients thrive and overcome illness. What they don’t expect is the insurmountable pressure of a high patient load, demanding administrative responsibilities, and very little support. The implications of mental health are alarming: many report anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress. 

The Functional Primary Care Difference: Doctor Health

We can’t speak for every functional medicine doctor’s office, but for the most part, functional medicine professionals are plugged into a supportive community driven by a patient-centered ethos. We’re connected to why we entered the field in the first place, which helps us feel fulfilled and driven. Indeed, we’re only human, and we have our off-days, but we love what we do, and we love seeing our patients thrive.

The Best Way To Care For Your Health

Functional primary health care allows you to benefit from root-cause, patient-centered healthcare. Functional medicine doctors are highly skilled at helping with primary health needs such as seasonal illnesses and chronic conditions. Moreover, they give you the tools to proactively co-create health strategies tailored to your unique needs. 

Switch To Functional Primary Care In Tampa

Get started with functional primary care in Tampa today by calling 813-319-0911 or booking online for your initial consultation. 

Both Dr. Galiano, M.D. and Rodney Morillo, ARNP accept insurance. To confirm that we are in-network with your insurance, please reach out to your insurance company with our tax ID number 20-2375541. 

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