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Functional Medicine Membership: Putting The “Care” Back In Healthcare

If your current healthcare has you wondering whether a better healthcare option is available, you’re likely a good candidate for a functional medicine membership. Functional medicine memberships in Tampa are the answer to a broken healthcare system. They help patients heal from illnesses while building vitality and energy. But first, it’s important to understand why functional medicine is essential in a landscape of a healthcare system that’s broken.

Why Healthcare Is Failing Its Patients

Have you ever left your doctor’s office feeling like you just survived a whirlwind? Or perhaps you’ve left their office with more questions about your health concerns than you arrived with. The truth is that mainstream doctors go into healthcare because they envision a quality life for their families and patients. They go through rigorous schooling that ironically makes it difficult to care for themselves as they earn their license, driven by a truly noble calling. 

Once they can practice, they find that the red tape of insurance has created a demand for the number of patients treated over the quality of healthcare delivered. Doctors in the mainstream medical system don’t have time or resources to develop relationships with their patients, which was the norm in the not-so-distant past. 

If there’s anything as, or more, powerful as the insurance companies, it’s pharmaceutical companies. Though pharmacology has contributed to life-saving medicines that were considered miracles at the time of their introduction, pharma has a strong hold over conventional medicine. Doctors often prescribe medications to treat symptoms instead of identifying health issues at their root cause. This traps patients in a cycle of medicating symptoms with little chance of healing.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a patient-based, personalized approach to medicine that seeks to heal the root cause of any illness. Functional medicine doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals sparingly and only after it is determined that the drug will help eradicate the problem at the root of the issue. 

Functional medicine doctors also take a “whole-patient” approach to health. This means that if you came into our clinic, we’d scratch beneath the surface of physical information. For example, you came into our clinic because of terrible headaches. We’d go through your health history, but ask questions like:

  • Have you experienced any novel or new stress?
  • How is your career?
  • What is your diet? 
  • How active are you? 
  • How are your relationships with friends and family? 
  • What significant changes have occurred lately?
  • Can you tell me about your childhood?

Why do we ask these questions? Because we know the mind-body connection is a real thing. 

We also know that life is constantly evolving and changing, which makes your health a nuanced journey that deserves consistent, personalized attention. That’s why we created our functional medicine membership with Dr. Lisa Koche.

What Is A Functional Medicine Membership?

Our director and founder, Dr. Lisa Koche (known to our patients as Dr. Lisa), had a rude awakening about the state of the medical system at a young age. As a survivor of childhood leukemia and heart failure caused by chemotherapy, her passion for finding the root cause of illness led to opening Spectra Wellness Solutions. 

Dr. Lisa found that creating a functional membership was a great way to support patients in receiving consistent, quality care that helps build vitality and strength. She’s watched her patients thrive, creating the LIT Membership for anyone ready to experience what caring healthcare is. 

Like any other membership, LIT gives you exclusive access to members-only benefits and includes quarterly visits with Dr.Lisa.

What’s Included In A Spectra Wellness Functional Medicine Membership?

Joining our LIT Membership is a powerful declaration to yourself that you’re ready to receive healthcare that helps you thrive—instead of going through a rotating door that (kind of) helps you survive.

LIT Members receive the following benefits:

  • Personalized healthcare and wellness guidance custom-tailored to your individual needs.
  • Priority scheduling and a private number for booking.
  • Four visits with Dr. Lisa every year.
  • Two red light therapy treatments to promote whole-body healing.
  • Cutting edge evaluation tools to look at important factors like stress, brain waves, chakra alignment, inflammation and so much more.
  • Two free IV’s.
  • Additional two visits with Dr. Lisa at half off if needed.
  • Four bemer sessions (PEMF technology)
  • Four meditation chamber sessions (utilizes sound, light and vibration for whole body healing experience).
  • Monthly member specials and free perks.
  • Exclusive savings on supplements at every visit.

What Happens Once You Start Your Functional Medicine Membership?

You’ll experience benefits that increase the quality of your life and give you the vitality and energy you need to experience all that life has to offer. Though the benefits vary from patient to patient, there are some that almost all our LIT members report: 

  1. Increased performance. You’ll have better circulation, which promotes healing and energy.
  2. Anti-aging benefits. One look at Dr. Lisa, and you’ll see she walks her talk regarding her passion for regenerative medicine. As a LIT member, you’ll receive anti-aging education that helps you feel and look fantastic.
  3. Lower stress and increase relaxation. Some of the treatments included in your membership are notorious for helping you achieve relaxation no matter what’s happening in your life.
  4. Optimized nutrition. IV nutrition therapy helps you achieve maximum vitality by restoring hydration, boosting energy, and helping you receive all the benefits of a nutritious diet. 
  5. Energetic alignment. When your mind and body are aligned, creating the life you were born to live is easier.

Getting Started With Tampa Functional Medicine Memberships

Are you ready to step into an elevated paradigm of healthcare? Schedule a discovery call today if you’d like to explore whether a functional medicine membership is right for you!

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