Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Natural Thyroid Treatment Options

Our topic today is all about Natural Thyroid Treatment options.

“Many people walk around with sub-optimal levels of thyroid and don’t even know about it. There are a lot of issues with evaluating your thyroid and its function.” — Dr. Lisa

The thyroid glands provide two different types of hormones that have important roles in our health.

In this video, Dr. Lisa is going to talk about:

  • What the thyroid is and what it provides to the body.
  • The different ways of evaluating and optimizing your thyroid function.
  • A nutritional assessment Dr. Lisa came up with that includes pulling out and adding in certain nutrients to the diet.

Watch the video below to know more!


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  1. Thank you Dr. Koche!! I love your book and thanks for the video!! I am one of your old patients that haven’t been to see you for a while, I will be making an appointment soon!!!

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