Get Lit with Dr. Lisa Koche

In this video, Dr. Lisa shares the three valuable sections in her book Get Lit, which is the Body, Fuel, and Mind.

  • In the Body section, she talks about the gut, thyroid, adrenals, hormones, together with basic things such as hydration, exercise, and supplements.
  • In the Fuel section, she walks you through the elimination diet, Ketogenic diet, and even shares a list of “lit” foods that will help you get the energy to become more LIT.
  • In the Mind section, she shares multiple tools, such as the Lit Scale, to help you become more present and aware of your current mindset.
  • Lastly, she talks about the Ignite Program and how it can help make the Get Lit Experience even more impactful in your life.

If you want to know more about Dr. Lisa’s book,  please watch the video.


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