Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Tampa

How to Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Tampa

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get proper answers and treatment from your primary care provider. 

Maybe you’ve sought out your doctor for lingering brain fog that no amount of caffeine can curb. Or you’re dealing with a chronic condition that no one can seem to cure.

When you at last get an appointment with your doctor, you spend a minimal amount of time in the office compared to how long you spent in the waiting room. Treatment likely involves something to treat your symptoms, such as antiinflammatory drugs for joint pain or immunosuppressants for autoimmune diseases.

Problem is, this approach doesn’t address the cause of your symptoms and leaves you reliant on medication that comes with a host of side effects. 

What if there was a better way to do healthcare? What if we told you that the best functional medicine doctor in Tampa can help you achieve peak wellness—once and for all?

The Functional Medicine Philosophy

Functional medicine views the body as a system of interconnected parts that all function together and affect each other. 

There’s a root cause behind your symptoms, and it may not directly be related to your area of discomfort. For example, the cause of your brain fog may actually be related to your gut health. 

Functional medicine doctors also believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. When your body is nourished, hydrated, free of stress, and strengthened, it can handle potential illness or toxins you may be exposed to. 

At Spectra Wellness, we want you to truly feel your best and reach peak vitality. We strive to do this by being the best functional medicine doctors in Tampa.

The Functional Medicine Approach

What’s it like working with a functional medicine doctor in Tampa?

First, we take time to get to know you deeply. Most doctors spend little time with you after you’ve waited forever in the waiting room. Instead, we want to get to know you better and build a personal relationship together. Through a consultation with Spectra Wellness, we’ll understand your current health situation, future health goals, family history, current lifestyle habits, and more.

Next, functional medicine doctors use cutting-edge technology to get to the bottom of your current symptoms. We don’t necessarily accept “normal” results from a test when you’re still feeling awful. Functional medicine doctors in Tampa dig deeper to address that root cause.

Once we have the most complete information possible, we create a custom wellness plan for you. No one size fits all solutions here. You can expect coaching and guidance every step of this process. 

When you work with a Tampa functional medicine doctor, you’re not receiving a simple wellness plan. You’re entering into a wellness partnership.  

Functional Medicine from Spectra Wellness

Spectra Wellness is a functional medicine practice in Tampa. We’re a team of doctors and professionals that support each other so that we can serve you best. Led by Lisa Saff Koche (MD), we help patients achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Our functional medicine team specializes in several areas of healthcare services:

  • Primary care 
  • Chiropractic care
  • Hormone replacement
  • IV therapy
  • Weight loss
  • Applied kinesiology 
  • Longevity protocols (peptides, stem cells, evaluation and diagnostic testing etc.)
  • Biohacking tools and red light therapy 

We also offer a membership plan for individuals wanting to optimize their health.

Meet the Spectra Wellness Team

At Spectra Wellness, it’s not just one functional medicine doctor in Tampa calling the shots. We have an entire team of professionals.


The Spectra team of M.D.s and expert practitioners work together to provide a patient-centered healing space. They are specialized in different modalities to create and administer accurate and individualized diagnoses and treatment plans.

Wellness Team

Our certified practitioners use a unique and individualized approach to wellness by helping you stay on track and manage your body’s response to overall improvement.

Care Managers

Your care manager makes sure things run smoothly with scheduling, coordinating labs, insurance, and any other questions you might have.

Meet our amazing team of wellness experts. This team is part of what makes us the best functional medicine doctors in Tampa.

Treat the Root Cause with Functional Medicine Doctors in Tampa

Are you ready to break free from a cycle of pharmaceutical drugs? Do you want to feel like yourself again? Are you looking to take a preventative approach to your health?

The traditional primary care model is helpful for many individuals, especially in the case of emergency or acute health situations. But for those experiencing chronic health conditions or for anyone wanting treatment that goes beyond prescription medication, we’re some of the best functional medicine doctors in Tampa and can help provide healing for good.

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