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Natural Weight Management

Dr. Koche has developed a program for natural weight management unlike any other on the market today.  With a combination of supplements, personalized follow-ups and customized meal plans, her 12 week program can get you back on the road to health and happiness.  The Koche Approach is the product of over 15 years of research

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Mental and Spiritual

We provide a broad and new approach to healing and treating depression and anxiety by trying to get to the root cause instead of always first prescribing medications. Many people do need prescription meds if the symptoms are severe enough and we are able to prescribe medication to stabilize your mood if needed in the

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Meditation and Journaling

The technique of meditation is one that is often not well understood and is definitely under-utilized. Most people really don’t know what it is or they think they will have not have the time or the ability to successfully practice in their daily lives. However what we teach is that meditation can be simple, free,

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Affirmations: How affirmations work—seems like since we are all energetic beings we work like magnets and the law of attraction…what we put out is typically what we get back and some of these thoughts are being confirmed by science. If thoughts are just another form of energy then we are getting physical symptoms from our

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IMBALANCES THAT CAUSE WEIGHT AND PERFORMANCE ISSUES: Thyroid Why essential organ—master gland especially for metabolism The thyroid is the gland that sets metabolic rate and influences baseline caloric expenditure. If not balanced can work on body fat, muscle mass, etc without success. The gland is also very easily influenced by outside factors—the adrenal must be

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Journaling Why journal—Journaling can help in multiple ways increase the connection to your higher self/the universe/God. It will clear the path of obstructions to your inner athlete. Morning journal while still not quite awake can help people transition as they try to clear out negativity, concerns, fears, questions. Writing about these issues seems to access

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