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The Gut/Brain Connection

What is the connection between the gut and brain? We are born with a very intricate map of perfectly balanced amounts of bacteria, yeast and parasites that control our immune system, brain and gut function. Over time, different factors influence this which then alters the relationship between our immune system and the environment around us.

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What is Leaky Gut?

Intestinal permeability (or leaky gut syndrome) occurs when the tight junctions (which regulates what comes in and goes out of the intestinal wall) between the cells of your intestinal lining become compromised. This can be a result of chronic stress, allergies to certain foods or environment, gut infections and drug or antibiotic use. Leaky gut

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discomfort from Candida Symptoms

Candida Factors: What leads to Candida Overgrowth

Candida (also known as yeast, fungus, mold) is ubiquitous in our environment (especially in warm and moist climates like where I am!). It is often found in homes hidden away in air conditioner ducts or behind appliances/furniture and can wreak havoc on your health. We are all supposed to have some fungi on our skin,

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A Spiritual Side to Keto

People who go through keto-adaptation find out that it’s very freeing. You are calm, and you start to pay attention to things you never pay attention to before. In this video, Dr. Lisa talks about the spiritual side to Keto and how she found herself looking more inside, trying to find her personal power. In

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Get Lit with Dr. Lisa Koche

In this video, Dr. Lisa shares the three valuable sections in her book Get Lit, which is the Body, Fuel, and Mind. In the Body section, she talks about the gut, thyroid, adrenals, hormones, together with basic things such as hydration, exercise, and supplements. In the Fuel section, she walks you through the elimination diet,

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Dr. Lisa Koche talks about the Get Lit book

You have seen those people who have a type of unexplainable magnetism that literally lights up any room they walk into. The inner journey to becoming that type of person is how Dr. Lisa describes the phrase, “GET LIT.” In this video, Dr. Lisa talks a little bit about her new book and how it

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Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Natural Thyroid Treatment Options

Our topic today is all about Natural Thyroid Treatment options. “Many people walk around with sub-optimal levels of thyroid and don’t even know about it. There are a lot of issues with evaluating your thyroid and its function.” — Dr. Lisa The thyroid glands provide two different types of hormones that have important roles in

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Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Ketogenic Diet

Our topic today is all about the Ketogenic Diet. “A lot of people say that being in a state of nutritional Ketosis can make you feel amazing, help you shed weight, and have a clearer mind. In my experience of over five years dabbling with the Ketogenic diet, I have found that when it comes down

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Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Intravenous Vitamin Cocktails

Today’s topic is about our fastest growing and exciting services called the IV Myers’ Cocktails. So many different types of people can benefit from IV vitamin cocktails. In this video, Dr. Lisa will talk about the following: The type of patients that go to our clinic to get this type of service. The benefits of

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Dr. Lisa Talks about the Bio-Identical Hormone Raplacement Therapy

Our hormones naturally decline with age as women approach menopause and men approach andropause. During this decline, a multitude of symptoms can pop up, and sometimes can be so severe that therapy is warranted almost immediately. In this video, Dr. Lisa is going to discuss the safe options that we offer here in Spectra Wellness

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Dr. Lisa Koche talks about the Lit Bed

Today’s video is going to introduce one of Dr. Lisa’s favorite technologies that we have here at our office in Tampa — the Lit Bed. In this day and age, we’re running from one place to the next and even when we relax, we either use our phones or the TV is on in the

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Dr. Lisa talks about Muscle Testing

“Day to day I see patients with numerous complaints who have been to multiple doctors without answers. The same thing happened to me. I had been sick, exhausted lab tests after lab tests, physician after physician, and did not feel any better. That’s when I got introduced to a technique called muscle testing.” — Dr.

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