Movement Re-Education

Movement Re-Education

The Problem

In the US, the leading cause of disability is musculoskeletal pain, and over 80% of acute and chronic injuries are caused by the body not moving properly. When normal movement is impaired in the human body, there will be predictable compensation patterns and muscle imbalances. Unfortunately, dysfunctions can slip under the radar and progress for years before they start to impact our day-to-day lives, ultimately leading to chronic injuries, repetitive stress disorders, and pain. Unfortunately, pain is a very poor indicator of a person’s health status and is often times the last symptom to show. Despite all this, there is nothing in our current primary care system to identify movement imbalances before they become a problem.

What is Movement Re-Education?

Movement Re-education is a systematic way of screening and identifying the movement patterns that are critical to normal human function. Instead of simply waiting for things to break down, get injured, or degenerate, we help identify if there are any movement imbalances that put you at risk for future injury.

We use systems of assessment and treatment interventions that incorporate the basic tenets of human movement from a developmental perspective.

Our movement analysis is based on neurodevelopmental principles from the Prague School of Rehabilitation, and Postural Restoration Institute, barefoot training principles from the Evidence-Based Fitness Acacemy, and global biomechanics screens from the Functional Movement Systems. Several of these systems are currently used as injury screening tools for a variety of professional sports including the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and are in use by numerous military, fire, police and government organizations.

Whether starting exercise for the first time, competing at the highest levels, or wanting to deal with chronic aches and pains once and for all, correcting your movement can get you there!

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