Longevity Protocol || Advanced Epigenetic Panel

This advanced epigenetic panel provides an in-depth analysis of the following 5 traits:

eyes and nose on woman's face

Eye Age

Memory Age

Hearing Age


Biological Age

Epigenetics studies how behaviors, and the environment around you, can change the expression of your genes and how they work. 

This testing is designed to help you understand your unique aging process in 4 key areas: eyes, memory, hearing and biological age. 

An inflammation score is also provided.  This score is based on inflammation genes being tested for whether they are turned on or off.

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After purchasing, we will ship the test kit to your home.  Completing the kit is simple (using saliva).  

Simply follow the included instructions, and then send it in. Once the lab receives your kit, it will be a few short weeks until you have the results in hand. 

At that time, you and Dr. Lisa will meet virtually to go over your results. This will be a 30-minute consultation. 

After you complete your purchase below, you will be given instructions for how to schedule your consult. We recommend scheduling 6-8 weeks out from the time of purchase to ensure your results are ready at the time of your consult with Dr. Lisa.

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