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  • Have you tried keto, thinking it would be your answer, just to find that you couldn’t make it work for you?
  • Have you thought about trying keto, but it seems too complicated?
  • Have you heard about keto, but felt a little nervous about trying it?

For all of these questions, and more, I have developed my KETO-ISH 8 week program.

I can’t wait to share this valuable information with you!

I know how much of a difference it has made in my life, and in the lives of my patients.

I’m just putting the final touches on it right now.  Want to be among the first to know when Keto-ish is ready?

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Dr. Lisa Koche

Dr. Lisa Saff Koche, MD

“As My Own Quest For Optimal Health Has Continued, I Have Created A Village Of Healers In All Of The Modalities That Have Truly Helped To Heal Me.”

As a triple board certified physician in

  • internal medicine,
  • anti-aging/regenerative medicine and
  • obesity medicine,

I was introduced to the ketogenic diet WAY before it was on every shelf at the grocery store.

After working with patients, I have learned the nuances of the ketogenic lifestyle.

I have condensed all the information to create this easy and flexible guide to help you be successful with YOUR version of keto. This program will teach your body how to be metabolically flexible, lose weight, all while helping you feel energized, focused, and less stressed.

why keto works and doesnt

This program is going to be available just a few days from now. It’s the first time I’m sharing this information, and I will be limiting the number of people who can participate. 

This will help to ensure that I am able to take great care of everyone who joins.

Want to be among the first to know more details and also to know when Keto-ish is ready? Enter your name and email below…

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