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The Spectra Wellness Team

The team approach at Spectra is what truly makes our practice unique. It provides a way for the patient to get answers that are often not found in the traditional medicine model. In this day and age, many people are experiencing a multitude of symptoms like fatigue, stress, insomnia, gut symptoms and so much more. Traditional medicine may provide some support but is based on establishing a diagnosis and utilizing primarily medication to treat and control the issue. This is needed in many scenarios such as acute infections, high blood pressure, etc. However, in many other conditions, medications don’t help and can in fact worsen the symptoms. This was the boat I found myself in 15 years ago—since then I have sought out the best combination of traditional and integrative medicine to help heal myself and my patients.

As a teenager I was saved by traditional medication when I required 5 different years of intense chemotherapy for a form of leukemia.

I did relatively well with the treatment (other than heart issues from one of the meds) and was even able to get pregnant on my own. After the birth of my daughter I never bounced back and remained exhausted, developed recurrent sinusitis (required surgery), psoriasis, and Hashimotos thyroiditis. I went to a traditional endocrinologist, dermatologist, and ENT. None of the recommendations that they had were any different than what I was already doing and I felt no better. I had a newborn, busy husband, and a full practice of patients that needed my help. I had been exploring alternative/integrative medicine my whole career because I never understood WHY the focus of traditional medicine was on the symptoms and not the CAUSE.

When I was left without answers I decided to go out and find them myself.

I started attending seminars and got board certified in anti-aging and functional medicine and taught myself nutrition. I got exposed to alternative techniques such as applied kinesiology and orthogonal adjustments. What I found was that I started to improve! My energy, skin, and sinuses were better. I was also able to help all of my patients who had been stuck in the traditional medicine conundrum.

As my own quest for optimal health has continued I have created a village of healers in all of the modalities that have truly helped to heal me. The approach is outlined in my first book, GET LIT. The journey is a busy and fun one that I am thrilled to share with the world.

Best in health,

Dr. Lisa Koche

Dr. Lisa Koche
As My Own Quest For Optimal Health Has Continued, I Have Created A Village Of Healers In All Of The Modalities That Have Truly Helped To Heal Me.
— Dr. Lisa Koche
Dr. Lisa Koche

Lisa Saff Koche, MD

Dr. Koche is triple boarded in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.

Ever since her own exposure to the medical field due to childhood leukemia and heart failure from chemo, she has been focused on finding the CAUSE of issues instead of treating the symptoms. She attended Emory Medical School and completed her internal medicine residency at USF in Tampa. She started her practice focusing on preventing cardiovascular diseases and obesity. That experience led to further training in alternative medicine, hormones, and nutrition. She is the medical director and founder of Spectra Wellness Solutions, a comprehensive clinic focusing on all aspects needed for total body healing including the ketogenic diet, hormone replacement therapies, and enhancing mitochondrial function. She has a team of gifted healers that work together to create individualized treatment plans. She has several signature programs for optimal performance including the Ignite program featured in her first book, GET LIT.

Dr. Koche has lectured nationally, and has been featured on numerous television and radio segments.

Rodney Morillo, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

The newest provider on the Spectra team, Rodney joined our practice in September, 2018. He is a family nurse practitioner certified by the American Association in Nurse Practitioners and licensed to practice in the State of Florida. He received his Masters degree from South University. He began his nursing career in 2013 as an emergency/trauma nurse, mental health and substance abuse nurse.

Rodney is responsible for emergent visits, new and established patients, and guiding the participants of Dr. Koche’s “Get Lit” lifestyle & diet program. He is a primary care provider experienced in managing chronic health issues as well as preventative and wellness care. He splits his time between our office and the trauma center at TGH.

George E. Springer

George E. Springer, Jr., DC, NMD, DCBCN

Dr. Springer has practiced alternative medicine since 1980 with an emphasis on treating chronic disease conditions. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Logan University where he graduated magna cum laude. He went on to receive his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.) from the American Naturopathic Medical Institute. He is also board certified in clinical nutrition (DCBCN).

Dr. Springer treats all forms of chronic disease with an emphasis on getting to the root cause of the condition and uses all natural solutions to resolve these problems for patients.

Angeline Galiano, MD

Angeline Galiano, M.D.

Health of body, mind and spirit.. I have always been curious about the most magnificent “machine” ever created: THE HUMAN BODY.

At the age of 2, I had a picture taken where I am using a stethoscope to listen to my baby sister’s heart. As a young child, I recall asking my dad, a retired surgeon, to explain the mechanism of my immune system when I was fighting a cold or asking him about why I had chickenpox.

I believe I was born with a passion in Medicine. I knew I wanted to become a physician by the age of 7 and thus pursued my studies. I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree with a Biology Major at Loyola University Chicago and then completed my Medical Degree at Ross University, (pre clinicals in Dominica, West Indies and all clinical rotations completed in Chicago, IL). My Residency program was completed at Adventist Hinsdale Family Medicine in IL, where I became a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician.

My first position as an Attending Physician was at Alexian Brothers Medical Group in IL, where I practiced both inpatient and outpatient medicine. I then moved to California for one year and joined the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. In 2016, I joined the NCH Physician Group at Naples Community Hospital to practice outpatient medicine.

In 2020, I became a Board Certified fellow in Anti-Aging, Metabolic & Functional Medicine though the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

I have learned a lot over the years and am excited to continue learning, especially in providing individual / personalized medical care at Spectra.

Susan Bucci

Susan Bucci, CCP, RCA

Susan is a Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, EFT (tapping) practitioner and Registered Chiropractic Assistant. Using a unique and individualized approach to wellness she works along side Dr. Springer treating patients by utilizing desensitization techniques to eliminate their allergies.

dr christine britt chiropractor

Dr. Christine Britt

Dr. Christine Britt graduated from Rutgers University with her Bachelor of Art in Biological Life Sciences with a minor in Psychology. 

While deciding what part of the healthcare realm she wanted to pursue, she started working as an assistant for a chiropractor in New York City. Her doctor took her to a chiropractic seminar where she fell in love with the profession. She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University and came to Florida shortly after.

Prior to moving to Tampa in 2020, Dr. Britt practiced in Tallahassee and Coconut Creek, FL, focusing on family care, as well as spinal correction and advanced Webster technique for her pregnant patients. 

She is excited to bring Upper Cervical (Orthospinology) care and Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) technique to the Spectra community.

Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell, DC

Dr. Amanda Campbell, a native Texan, graduated from Parker University in Dallas, TX with her Doctorate of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Anatomy and Bachelor of Health and Wellness. She furthered her education in specific techniques, traveling throughout the country to learn from experts in their craft. She gained additional training in Upper Cervical care as well as Network Spinal Analysis. Both techniques embody the gentle, precise and effective approach that Dr. Campbell aims to provide. Upper Cervical Chiropractic restores the brain to body connection and allows the body to function at the optimal level. Network Spinal Analysis is a dynamic technique that utilizes light-force touch contacts, typically along the spine, that allows the body to build stronger healing strategies and whole-body balance.

Dr. Campbell strives to provide the highest level of care, allowing the body to function at the highest capacity and empowering people to take control of their health.

Dr Margarita Martino

Dr. Margarita Martino, FACEP, FAAEM

Born and raised in San juan PR.

University of PR undergrad BA in General science and Enviromental science.

Medical School at The University of PR School of Medicine.  Residency in Emergency Medicine UCONN Hartford CT

Practiced Emergency Functional medicine for 4 years prior to moving to Tampa, and practicing Emergency medicine for 8 years.

Yearly Functional medicine courses/trainings and BIOTE training

Pellet therapy for 4 years in the Tampa area

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