The LIT Quiz

Do you think you take good care of yourself, but wish you could feel your best? How about those times where you’re easily triggered by people or circumstances around you?

We are all on a journey to be the highest version of ourselves mentally, physically, and energetically. However, often, we not only don’t know where to start, but we also don’t quite know what is off. 

The LIT Quiz

Where are you on a scale from DIM to LIT?

Discover just how LIT you are!

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You are training for your first marathon:

2 / 15

You are getting ready for work in the morning and look in the mirror:

3 / 15

You have been feeling tired lately and a friend recommended some supplements that may help:

4 / 15

You and your friend got into a debate about politics.

5 / 15

You had your annual physical and your cholesterol came back higher than normal.

6 / 15

Your boss asks you to lead a team meeting at work:

7 / 15

You are planning dinner for your family:

8 / 15

You just came home from a first date and noticed a few red flags upon reflection:

9 / 15

When you wake up in the morning:

10 / 15

Your best friend just gifted you a new book that they thought you would be interested in. You:

11 / 15

Everybody in your office is getting sick. What is your reaction?

12 / 15

You invited friends over for a party and only a few people showed up. Your immediate reaction is:

13 / 15

Your friend recommended a guided meditation that you tried for the first time.

14 / 15

You just finished your first personal training session at the gym, you feel:

15 / 15

You just got passed up for a promotion you thought you deserved at work, how did you react?


The LIT Quiz is here to help!

Take the LIT Quiz to find out where you are on the scale from DIM to LIT. When you are armed with this knowledge, the steps toward improvement become more clear.  

At the end of this quiz, you’ll receive your results.  That will help you know where you are.  You’ll also receive your personalized – easy and actionable – next steps.

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