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Tampa Functional Medicine: Changing The Healthcare Paradigm

If you’ve ever wondered if Tampa functional medicine is a good fit for your health needs, it might be helpful to understand why conventional medicine likely isn’t serving you and how functional medicine offers a different approach to healing. 

Conventional Medicine: A Broken System That Needs You To Stay Sick

Before discussing the benefits of functional medicine, it’s essential to understand why the conventional healthcare system is failing millions of patients every year and why those patients don’t seek better options. The current healthcare system is infected, and the sickness has become so normalized that most people don’t even think to question it. 

How did it become infected?

To grasp the reality, one only has to follow the money.

How Insurance Companies Create A Sick Care System

In 2021, the top 6 insurance companies reported combined earnings of approximately $1.1 trillion. That came down to $40.9 billion in profit between the same firms. 

These numbers elude most minds, but the nature of major corporations is to expand. Publicly-traded companies have to show upward-trending numbers to keep shareholders happy, creating a business model of “never enough” no matter how astronomical the earnings. 

How are insurance companies creating such massive profits? They’re finding ways to cut their reimbursements. By reducing their reimbursements to doctors, doctors start restricting their patients’ treatments, knowing they risk losing money. Preventive care, such as complete panel blood testing, is no longer available as standard practice. Instead of building a patient’s health, the patient and doctor are thrust into a reactionary sick-care system.

Big Pharma Can’t Make Money If You Heal

Another way the medical industry has been infected is through the sheer power of pharmaceutical companies. 

Have you ever watched a commercial for a prescription medicine and noticed that the side effects are often worse than the condition it’s supposed to treat? 

Have you ever noticed how many advertisements are for prescription medicine? 

Consider this: the United States is one of two countries where it’s legal for pharmaceutical companies to advertise, and in 2021, $6.88 billion was spent on reaching consumers.

While some medications are life-saving and nothing short of a miracle, the relationship between pharma lobbyists, policymakers, and the healthcare system shortchanges the patient. If you were to heal from a chronic health condition such as diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes, that’s less money going to drug companies. 

It’s a system that bets on you staying ill.

Why Do Patients Stay In A Sick Care System?

The simple answer is they don’t know they have options. 

At Spectra Wellness Solutions, our founder, Dr. Lisa Koche, encountered a health crisis at a young age that sent her on a path of uncovering the answer to true healing. Now she’s providing functional medicine in Tampa so others can do the same.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare that provides customized treatments that treat illness at the root cause instead of temporarily relieving symptoms. The main driver of Tampa functional medicine is to help you heal from your illness, not to mask symptoms. 

Functional medicine doctors are fully licensed medical doctors with additional training in naturopathic and holistic medicine techniques, so they can prescribe medication when necessary.

However, a functional medicine doctor spends more time identifying root causes of illness related to mental health and diet while ensuring your treatments promote longevity.

It’s important to note that when selecting a Tampa functional wellness team, you partner with people who provide a seamless experience—from scheduling your appointment to greeting you in the office to ensuring all your concerns are addressed at your standards. At Spectra Wellness Solutions, we deliver a functional medicine experience in Tampa that goes above and beyond for our patients.

The Best Functional Medicine In Tampa: What Makes Spectra Wellness Different?

Our founder is Dr. Lisa Koche, whose passion for better healthcare is rooted in traumatic medical experiences from childhood. As a survivor of childhood leukemia, Dr. Lisa (as our staff and patients affectionately know her) experienced chemotherapy-related heart failure. 

She’s dedicated her life to finding the cause of illnesses instead of treating symptoms and made her dream of establishing the best Tampa functional medicine care center. She’s assembled a team of caring professionals who take care of the patient from when the phone is answered to when they receive follow-up care. 

What Are Tampa Functional Medicine Treatments At Spectra?

As a patient of Spectra Wellness Solutions, you’ll find comprehensive treatments to support you in your health goals. Aside from our team of functional medicine practitioners in Tampa (hand-selected by Dr. Lisa), you’ll also have access to the following:

  • Our in-house chiropractor
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • IV Nutrition
  • Biohacking
  • LightStim infrared light treatments
  • Longevity protocols
  • Applied Kinesiology

Even better, to support you in taking advantage of functional medicine treatments in Tampa, we’ve created a membership that offers exclusive patient benefits while supporting your journey to healing and vitality.

How To Start Benefiting From Functional Medicine In Tampa

We want you to know that you have a choice regarding your healthcare. 

More importantly, we want you to know you can experience healing, vitality, and longevity. 

The resources are out there, and countless individuals are shifting their health paradigms and changing their lives through functional medicine. If you’re ready to join them, we invite you to take the first step and call Spectra Wellness Solutions today to discover how Tampa functional medicine can help you heal and thrive. 

Call us at 813-319-0911 or book an appointment with Dr. Lisa online.

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  1. This article provides a compelling argument for why functional medicine may be a better option than conventional medicine, particularly for individuals who feel dissatisfied with the current healthcare system. The article does a good job of explaining how insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are driving the current “sick care” system and why functional medicine offers a different approach.

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