Immunity Masterclass


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What Is Covered In This Masterclass:

  •  A thorough and easily understood overview of the immune system
  • The types of invaders that negatively impact your body’s defenses
  • Strategies you can implement right away that will strengthen your immunity
  • Protocols for the current corona virus

What You Will Learn:

  • Considerations for your diet and what it means for your immuno-response
  • What supplements you can easily access right away, as well as recommendations for supplements that may not serve you
  • Mitochondria – What are they? Why are they important? How do the health and number of your mitochondria impact your immunity
  • Light – newer ideas on how light impacts your immunity
  • Mindset strategies – Learn easily added methods to stay out of fight or flight

What It Means to get this information:

  • Receiving a quick plan to strengthen the armor that makes up natural defense systems
  • Gained knowledge that helps moving forward, for the rest of life (with any and all invaders to your person)
  • Tools that enable you to feel more calm, regardless of pandemic or current events
  • An actionable plan that you can put into place immediately
  • Comfort: knowledge that when going back into any kind of regular routine – you are protected
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