Immune Support – For Illness, Inflammation, or Chronic Illness

LIT Vitamin D3 with K2 (formerly K-FORCE)

LIT Vitamin C

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LIT Zinc

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Monolaurin is the predominant fatty acid in coconut and palm kernel oils.

Monolaurin is also present in human breast milk. Our Monolaurin offers potent support for immune health, but does so without adverse effects on beneficial intestinal flora. LIT Monolaurin contains vitamin C for added immune benefit.  It also includes sunflower lecithin which enhances full absorption of the Monolaurin.


LIT Inflammation Support

LIT Turmeric

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  • Vit D3/K2 5000iu
    take 1 daily and if sick up to 4 daily for 1 wk.
  • Vit C
    1000-2000mg daily with food
  • Zinc
    30-60mg daily
  • Monolaurin
    1g twice per day
  • Glutathione
    take one 200mg twice a day
  • LIT Turmeric
    1g twice a day
  • Inflammation Support
    take 1 twice a day
  • Vitamin E
    take one 150mg twice a day
  • Fish oil
    2 twice a day


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