Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

One of the most exciting areas of research in mitochondrial medicine is that of light frequencies. Current research is showing light as a very important component of healing. Not all light is beneficial, some light can be harmful. For example: junk light, like florescence or blue light from electronic devices. These lights can have a negative impact on the body, especially on sleep health. Most of the scientific data on beneficial light is on near infrared and red light therapy. Some people even believe that most diseases of the modern day world started with the development of the light bulb because it brought humans inside and no longer getting enough exposure to the sun!

There are several mechanisms of action with light therapy. Some recent studies have shown that red and near infrared light therapy works by stimulating your mitochondria. There are several ways that we think the light therapy is having an impact. It seems to trigger the production of new mitochondria, enhances the amount of ATP produced by the mitochondria, and can increase nitric oxide which helps with blood flow.

Our mitochondria actually have receptors for light. When light activates the receptor it works as a messenger and turns on many different pathways in our body. Light frequencies have been shown to help with:


Performance & Recovery

We’re on the cutting edge of the next level of sport performance. Several recent clinical studies have shown higher endurance performance, faster recovery, and increased muscle gain from Red Light Therapy.

Beauty & Skin

Red Therapy goes way beyond just the fat loss commercials you may have seen. Most of the Beauty benefits we’ve seen come down to promoting healthier skin function at the cellular level, which has been shown to improve skin texture and feel, increase collagen production, and diminish fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. This is likely to be the first benefit you’ll notice with consistent Red Light Therapy.

Health & Wellness

One of the most important things you can possibly do for your health is to get more sunshine. For those of us too busy or in the middle of winter there are many positive effects to supplementing our light intake with different light devices including Light Boxes, UV lights, and Red Light Therapy Devices.

At Spectra we offer Red Light Therapy sessions to any patient who wishes to try it. We use the RedRush 360 by Red Therapy Co. While it is great and hugely beneficial even with a few sessions, Red Light Therapy is best utilized on a consistent and even daily basis. So, it is recommended that if you want to get the most out of Red Light Therapy you should invest in your own device. Utilize the link below to shop products and learn more.

The Lit Bed

The Lit Bed

Lifeforce Machine

The Lit Bed is a cutting edge device that is utilized to teach you how to relax and meditate. The bed combines the healing modalities of color, music, and vibrational frequencies in a relaxing and restorative treatment. Sessions are one hour long during which you are “unplugged” from devices and stress. A protocol is 3-4 one hour sessions over 2-3 days and provides the most results when 3 full protocols are completed each separated by 4-6 weeks. Patients have reported dramatic improvements in pain, sleep, mood, and many other symptoms. Additionally, many people will be able to learn from the experience how to meditate and can more easily incorporate meditation into their daily lives. Come and try this amazing device today!

Infrared Portable Sauna

Infrared Portable Sauna

InfraRed Sauna’s are considered the best natural detoxification device.

The Thera360TM featuringTheraFusionTM InfraRed Technology has completely revolutionized personal health products with its patented Infrared Portable Sauna. Featuring proprietary exclusive Natural Earth Element Full Spectrum Infrared heating panels, with Tourmaline gem stones, to generate an abundance of negative ions, and bathe your body from every angle in gentle full spectrum Infrared frequencies and negative ions, with no exposure to harmful EMF’s. Therasage 360’s revolutionary Advanced Earthing Technology (AET) further enhances the healing experience by capturing the charge of the Earth to help balance the delicate polarity of the body and improve cellular communication. Therasage 360’s unique method to shield harmful EMF’s allows the body to absorb the maximum healing benefits of our Thera360 InfraRed sauna. The Thera360 professional portable InfraRed Sauna is energy efficient, easily folds and stores in a closet or under a bed. The Therasage Thera360 Full Spectrum Sauna is the only portable sauna that offers full spectrum infrared, negative ions, earthing, and no EMF’s at an affordable price for everyone in the world to embrace optimal health!


The Thera360 InfraRed Sauna is available to use at Spectra Wellness as well as available to purchase using the link below.

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