If you want to make 2021 your most powerful year yet,
then January’s IN THE ZONE Retreat is where you want to be…

What if you were able to comfortably navigate your day-to-day life from a place of heightened focus and energy, along with a positive mindset and connection to your purpose?  And what if you were able to have all this while maintaining great relationships with others and yourself?

We would call that living 

Who would you be?  What could you accomplish? 

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Welcome To Your
January 28th-30th

@ The Beautiful SandPearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, FL

Planning to attend?  Be sure you get one of the available spots right away. (Only 20 spots available. To skip the page, go ahead and click the button below.)

$995 $850

Imagine living life in a flow state – at your peak performance – in both mind and body! 

Dr. Lisa Koche

Dr. Lisa Koche
Triple Board Certified MD
Co-Creator of, and Co-host for, your IN THE ZONE Retreat

We believe the answer to a long, thriving and powerful life combines mindful practices with the latest from modern science.  Welcome to The LIT ZONE retreats where, through

Learning / Investigating / Transforming

you will receive individualized evaluation and high-level training that will put you on a path to function at your peak performance.

We start with cutting-edge assessments of your body and mind’s current state to establish your baseline. (After all, it’s hard to know how to get where you’re going, until you know where you are!) 

From there, we will work together to guide you through the importance of integrating holistic, scientific and mindful exercises on the next steps in your journey towards a life of longevity, health, performance, and happiness.

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey, 

Dr. Lisa & Gregg

Gregg Gonzales

Gregg Gonzales
Creator of The Speakeasy Method
Co-host for your IN THE ZONE Retreat

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.”
Lao Tzu

There’s no better place to experience the start of this new journey
We’ll meet at The Sandpearl Resort, named one of Florida’s best conference venues!

The SandPearl Resort – 500 Mandalay Ave – Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Please Note: If you choose to get a room at the hotel, accommodations are separate from the cost of the retreat.

Why combine experts in mind & body?

Many successful people pursuing peak performance have found that hiring mindfulness coaches is the addition that brought them to the next level.  (Note the article screenshot above featuring NBA stars like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant.)

During the retreat, we’ll show how mindfulness ties in as part of the complete picture of peak performance, and give you the tools to make so many of these hacks work for you.

Read on for answers to some questions you may have
about what will be covered at the IN THE ZONE Retreat!

What Will I Experience?

  • DIY Biohacks: Not just taught, but experienced
    Building a map of quick steps you can do easily and quickly to get “in the Flow”
  • New ways to gain quick Awareness of “The Zone”
    Learning how to live there consistently, and why it makes your life better nearly every minute of the day
  • Cutting edge technology, as well as ancient methods
    Empowering you to hack your biology for optimal health
  • How to Light Up a Room
    Gaining a stronger connection to yourself and others while also knowing how to magnetically repel the situations and people that are dimming your light
  • How to unlock power of your mind
    Is this a big bold claim? Yes it is! Come to the retreat and see for yourself.
“Energy flows where intention goes.”
Rhonda Byrne

That all sounds good, but what – specifically – will be covered?

By registering today, you will gain these tools
to help achieve optimal mind/body connection:


  • Personalized HRV, Biological Age Scan, & Chakra Measurement
  • H2O Hydration assessment
  • Vitality score based on PULSE Assessment
  • Photon-X sublingual light therapies
  • Thera-air session
  • LIT Drops with affirmation
  • BrainTap
  • Ozone Device
  • TriLight – Red Light
  • Be among the first to experience the brand new LIT Labs concept with cryotherapy, red light, pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, and more!


  • 20 guided prompts for introspective journaling and reflection based on lessons from our retreat
  • A specially designed workbook and audio pack filled with mindfulness practices and tools for you to easily implement into your daily life
  • An invitation to participate in a 30-day “In The LIT Zone Mindset challenge” post-retreat to integrate everything you have learned
  • Two online group LIT COMMUNITY sessions post-retreat (during the 30 day challenge) to enhance learning and maintain connection 
“The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing.”
Bruce Lee

Are Meals Provided?
Yes!  Ciccio’s will be providing nutritious and energizing breakfasts, apps, and dinner.
Lunches will be nutritious and delicious options provided by the SandPearl Resort.

  • 28. Jan from 6pm-8pm – Thursday evening: wine and apps
  • 29. Jan from 8am-5pm – Friday: breakfast and lunch (Official retreat events will conclude for the day at 5PM)
  • 30. Jan from 8am-8pm – Saturday: breakfast, lunch, & dinner provided, as well as the sound ceremony
  • 31. Jan from 10am-12pm – Sunday: morning LIT Lab Cryotherapy session with Dr. Lisa & Gregg in Tampa

There’s a Sound Ceremony?

Yes. Among other surprises and guests, Niajae, Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, will join us for an exhilarating Sound Bath.  The Crystal and Tibetan Sound Bowls take you into your Theta state, which is a deep meditative state, also known as your flow state.  

This provides a profound level of deep relaxation and mental clarity.  Get ready for a magical experience.

“I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.”
Louise Hay
Get Lit Movement

Background on LIT Retreats

The answers to a long, thriving and powerful life combine mindful, simple, daily practices with the latest from modern science.  This retreat brings you into an intimate connection with a holistic, scientific, customized-for-you approach.  This is all designed to help you toward not just realizing your full potential, but fully embodying your fullest life in key areas, including:

  • Longevity
  • Health
  • Peak performance
  • Prosperity

Retreat Registration Will Close at 20 Registrants!

Click the button below to make sure you get one of the available spots.  All details will be sent to you via email, after your payment is confirmed.

$995 $850

What Other People Are Saying
About Your Host For This Event

"Highly recommended!
An honest doctor that speaks truth!"
Mark Raad
"Dr. Lisa Koche is an excellent doctor. smart, compassionate and she really cares.
She has been my doc for more than 10 yrs.
She is not only a doctor but a good friend and a life teacher."
Judy Best
"I recommend following Dr. Lisa Koche and watching her videos.
She knows what she's talking about, she occurs to me as very sincere [...]
Thank God for excellent medical doctors like Lisa who have the courage to speak up about what they know to be right."
David Dennis

Just A Reminder…

While we want to help everyone achieve their most optimal state, we really are limited in available seats due to the personalized program we’ll be creating for each attendee to the retreat.

If you know you’re ready to achieve optimal health and wellness, please use the button below to register today.  

Once you are registered, all of the details about the In The Zone Retreat will be sent to you via email.

We look forward to seeing you in Clearwater Beach on January 28th!

Click the button below to make sure you get one of the available spots.  All details will be sent to you via email, right after your payment is confirmed.

$995 $850
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