IV nutrition therapy

Why Choose IV Nutrition Therapy

Why Choose IV Nutrition Therapy

IV nutrition therapy has become immensely popular in recent years as more people discover its benefits to their overall health. Want to feel vibrant, full of energy, and youthful again? Here are the benefits of IV nutrition therapy and what you can expect.


What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

Simply put, IV nutrition therapy is a process in which a medical professional delivers a customized combination of nutrients to a patient intravenously.


Examples of nutrients delivered via IV nutrition therapy include the following:


  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • B-Complex
  • Glutathione
  • Trace minerals
  • Toradol
  • And so many more!


What Are The Benefits Of IV Nutrition Therapy?

Your body absorbs 100% of nutrients delivered through an IV, compared to 10% absorbed through oral supplementation. More and more people are turning to it as an effective way to overcome a specific problem, such as recovering from the flu. Others integrate regular treatments into their wellness routine.


There are plenty of benefits to IV nutrition therapy, including some of the following:


  • A boost to general health and wellness
  • More energy
  • Better hydration
  • Better cell absorption of vitamins and minerals (increasing cell health)
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better mental clarity and focus
  • Anti-aging qualities
  • Reduction of migraine symptoms
  • Anxiety relief
  • Increased athletic abilities
  • Hangover symptom relief 


Are There Risks Of IV Nutrition Therapy?

Risks for IV nutrition therapy are minimal, as long as you’re working with a highly trained and certified clinic—like the Spectra Wellness team. 


Skin irritation and infection are the most common side effects, but these can easily be mitigated through quality sterilization and cleanliness practices.


In rare cases, a patient could react to the nutrients. It’s crucial to inform your health professional of any medications you’re taking and all known allergies. Functional medicine doctors conduct adequate testing and take the time to get to know you completely—including possible allergies that could interfere with IV nutrition therapy. That way you can go into an appointment with confidence!


IV Nutrition Therapy In Tampa, FL

At Spectra Wellness, we are passionate about helping people prevent disease at the root cause. Highly-trained technicians administer our IV nutrition therapy services, and you’ll be monitored carefully throughout your service so you can safely and effectively receive the nutrients you desire directly to your bloodstream.


Different Types Of IV Nutrition Therapy

Whether you’re looking for boosted immunity, enhanced athletic performance, or something else, we likely have a treatment to meet your needs. Every clinic is different, and our specialized IV nutrition cocktails are sought out by patients in Tampa, FL, and beyond for their restorative effects.


We’ve highlighted a few of our patient’s favorites.


Original Meyers IV: Restoring energy, replenishing vitality, reducing inflammation (a common root cause of many diseases), fatigue, jet lag, muscle pain, reducing anxiety, reducing migraines, better sleep, boost mental clarity.


Mood Booster: Reducing symptoms of common mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. Some patients have reported this cocktail helps alleviate panic attacks and insomnia.


Gone Viral: Recovering from cold and flu symptoms fast


The Replenisher Replenishing electrolytes.


Super Immune: Referred to as the upgraded Meyers cocktail, we administer this combination to combat viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune disorders, and inflammation.


Weight Loss: Breaking down fat and supporting with optimized weight loss.


Beauty Bliss: Restoring sleep and revitalizing your skin, nails, and hair. This is also a fertility-boosting treatment in addition to boosting libido and easing GI issues.


Basic Fluids: Restoring hydration.


Consult our services page for a complete list of IV nutrition therapy applications.


FAQs About IV Nutrition Therapy in Tampa, FL

What Should I Expect?

When you trust Spectra Wellness Center for your IV nutrition therapy needs, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of highly-trained professionals. While every treatment varies in time, you can expect your treatment to last from 30 to 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Even better, staying connected and productive during your drip is easier than ever with our building’s free wifi, so feel free to bring your tablet or laptop.


How Much Does IV Nutrition Therapy Cost?

Feel free to visit our services page for a current list of costs, but be advised costs are subject to change.


Scheduling Your IV Nutrition Therapy In Tampa, FL

We welcome you to experience the professionalism and passion that defines Spectra Wellness Center. Because we are a functional medicine clinic, we offer a full range of health and wellness services, including chiropractic care and advanced screening and testing. 

If you want to schedule your IV nutrition therapy appointment, you can do so online. Do you still have questions or want to speak with one of our friendly staff members before booking your session? Call us today at 813-319-0911.

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