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5 Things To Search For In A Functional Medicine Doctor Near You

Does this sound familiar?

You’re ready for a healthcare experience that gives you answers instead of leaving you with more questions. 

You crave root-cause solutions that relieve your health conditions instead of treating outlying symptoms. 

You want health solutions outside of pharmaceuticals and a doctor who can help you identify strategies to reclaim vitality naturally.

If so, you’re on the right path by searching for nearby functional medicine doctors. Functional medicine goes beyond the borders of allopathic medicine, providing results that patients have been searching for. 


There are five things to look for when wondering which nearby functional medicine doctor you should go to.


1. Experienced Functional Medicine Team

When it comes to your health, having an experienced and skilled team of professionals is crucial. Functional medicine doctors are certified medical doctors who have completed additional training to meet the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) requirements. 


When asking, “what should I look for in a functional medicine doctor near me?” knowing that your functional medicine doctor has completed this additional training gives you the reassurance that your health is in good hands. 


A key reason why functional medicine doctors stand out from conventional doctors is that their IFM training requires them to study six other systems that are not explored in-depth (or at all) in traditional medical school. Those systems are:


  • Gastrointestinal
  • Detox
  • Immune
  • Hormone
  • Cardiometabolic
  • Energy


2. Cutting-Edge Treatments & Testing

One key indicator when answering the question “what should I look for from a functional medicine doctor near me?” is that the office you’re considering welcomes the use of cutting-edge technology. Functional medicine is always looking for innovative ways to help patients live longer, more vital lives with less illness and greater joy.


The team at any functional wellness office should be excited by fast-moving innovations in health, testing, and treatments. However, they should also use discernment and be confident that their cutting-edge therapies are safe, effective, and fit within the functional medicine ethos. 


It’s essential to have the latest testing tools to diagnose any illness properly. Used in conjunction with other screening tools, the likelihood of preventing disease later in life increases, helping build a more robust health foundation.


For example, some of the cutting-edge testing and treatments you’ll find at our nearby functional medicine doctor’s office include:


  • Peptide protocols 
  • Hormone replacement therapies
  • Advanced diagnostic and evaluation tools
  • Biohacking tools and anti-aging treatments
  • IV therapy
  • Regenerative medicine and stem cells


3. Traditional Medicine Treatments

Not only does functional medicine embrace cutting-edge health treatments of the future, but it also applies the traditional medicine practices handed down outside of conventional Western medicine. When you look for a nearby functional medicine doctor, look for doctors who offer Chiropractic and other healing modalities. 


Even though the healing modalities offered by functional medicine doctors are considered “alternative” by some, less mainstream medical treatments offer tremendous value. In fact, many of our patients come to us when they’ve almost run out of hope from trying everything with conventional doctors. Once they undergo traditional medical treatments, they often see significant improvements in chronic and debilitating health conditions. 


Some more traditional treatments offered by nearby functional medicine doctors may include the following:


  • Chiropractor
  • Applied Kinesiology 
  • Traditional and holistic medicine
  • Energy work and biohacking tools
  • Supplements & herbal medications


4. A Holistic Approach

The mind-body connection is no longer a myth. Science is backing up what ancient wisdom has known for years: the mind is not separate from the body. The two are linked and have profound effects on each other. 


Consider this quote from a medical doctor who asked to remain anonymous when contributing to Dr. Gabor Maté’s new book, The Myth Of Normal:


“Since my graduation, I have markedly changed the way I practice because I started observing in my patients the relationship between stress and the onset of their disease, and how great the  role of trauma, psychological and physical, plays in their disease.”


What is currently a whisper in conventional medical circles is a considerable informer of how functional medicine doctors work with their patients. If you’re wondering what a functional medicine doctor near you can provide that conventional doctors can’t, the answer is simple: a holistic approach.


Conventional and allopathic medicine has massive value, especially regarding emergencies and life-saving surgeries. However, functional medicine acknowledges the complexities of our patients. This approach helps identify the root causes of illness and provide effective treatments.


5. A Welcoming Patient Experience

Have you ever walked into a health clinic only to be greeted by a tired office staff? They could barely welcome you, let alone make you feel at ease. The front office is a sign of how your overall visit might go. If the desk staff is stressed, your nurses and doctors are likely as well. 


How do you think that affects your stress levels, especially considering the mind-body connection? Selecting a functional medicine doctor near you should be a fulfilling decision. It should result in a partnership where you and your doctor co-create effective healthcare strategies that guide your goals. 


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