Dr. Lisa Koche talks about LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy

Today, Dr. Lisa is going to introduce the LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy which is a new technology that involves training with oxygen. “I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn that there was a possibility to increase oxygen levels in my patients!” — Dr. Lisa

In this video, Dr. Lisa will talk more about:

  1. What the LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy is
  2. The equipment being used
  3. How often you should do this therapy
  4. Its amazing benefits like:
    – more stamina
    – clearer brain
    – better sleep
    – better mood
    – better cardiac function
    – and many more

One amazing thing about the LiveO2 system is that almost anyone is a candidate. Also, athletes enjoy this equipment because it can take their game to the next level.

At Spectra Wellness, we have some patients who can barely walk, but if you’re able to sit on the bike and just move your legs enough to get your blood moving, you can do the workout. For people with cardiac disease or pulmonary disease, we’ll have you clear that with your specialist first. However, most of the time, there’s no contraindication to getting more oxygen into your system.

Watch the video to learn more about LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy!

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