Dr. Lisa Koche talks about Leaky Gut

Many patients come in at our clinic with all types of complaints. The one thing that seems to tie them all together (and is very often the initial cause of issues and symptoms), is the gut.

Many of you by this point may have heard of a concept called “leaky gut”, which, by the way, has a medical term: increased intestinal permeability.

In this video, I am going to talk about the following:

  • The meaning of leaky gut.
  • The causes of leaky gut.
  • The benefits of healing leaky gut.

At Spectra Wellness we have many approaches to health, but the gut has always been a priority.

We must heal the lining of the intestine, help with digestion, reset the number of good bacteria, get rid of bad bacteria and yeast, and help support that really tired and struggling liver. When the gut is healed, almost everything else in the body can follow.

Please watch the video below to learn more!

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