Upper Cervical Chiropractic care with Dr. Amanda Campbell



Spectra Wellness takes an integrative, whole body approach to improving your health.  Part of this process is ensuring that the brain and body are communicating clearly, and there are not any structural misalignments that could be compromising this transmission.  Because the first place this misalignment can occur is the upper cervical spine (upper neck), our treatment focus starts in this area.


 Photo by AndreyPopov/iStock / Getty Images

We most commonly see changes with orthopedic-type conditions including neck pain, back pain, shoulder issues and all kinds of joint pain.  We also frequently see neurologic-type conditions like headaches and dizziness.  However, because atlas vertebra position is intimately related to proper function of the lower brainstem, any number of health conditions can potentially respond favorably to atlas vertebra alignment.

We have safely treated patients of all ages: young kids, seniors, post-surgical patients, and professional athletes.

If you have a condition that has not responded to traditional health care approaches, or are just looking for a new approach, upper cervical care may be the missing link in your journey for optimal health.