Leaky Gut/GI Health


Most people think of their gut only if it is giving them unpleasant symptoms. However the GI tract is much more involved and important than just a way for us to rid toxins and digest our food. In fact, due to the large surface area of the intestine (imagine how far it would stretch if laid out from beginning to end) it has the potential to support health or cause a multitude of issues. The syndrome of “leaky gut” is when the lining of the intestine has holes between the cells that make it become “leaky”. Food particles and chemicals that are supposed to go out with your bowel movement and then able to leak directly into your blood stream. This can have disastrous long term side effects and has been tied to disease (especially autoimmune diseases). Additionally leaky gut can lead to numerous food intolerances and symptoms such as joint pain, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog.

At Spectra Wellness we utilize several different diagnostic techniques and treatment options to heal your gut. From applied kinesiology to stool and food allergy testing we will diagnose and come up with a plan for optimal healing using supplements, dietary support, and medications when indicated. We work on killing off yeast and other infectious etiologies, detoxifying the liver, and healing the leaky intestinal lining. We also test for the best probiotic to help heal and maintain the GI tract once healing is complete.

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